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Metal spinning uses rotation and force to press a flat circle of metal into a three dimensional shape.
As the metal circle spins around on the lathe, we use rollers to press the metal around a pattern block precisely shaped to the piece's measurements. The material of the pattern block varies according to the metal's size, thickness, tolerance and surface finish. The part can then be powder coated or perforated according to your needs.

Other Methods
Metal formers use four different methods for shaping metal:
stamping, casting, forging and spinning.

On small and medium size runs from 1 to 10,000,
these other methods have high tooling and
production cost, making it difficult to break even
on smaller runs.

Because spinning uses less expensive
pattern blocks and doesn't use additional
forging machines to correct the metal's
thickness, metal spinning is more
cost effective.

We pride ourselves on
the high quality and control we
have over every piece we spin.

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