Designing Specialties III INC

An Effective design for every product

Precision and Material is Key. With over 40 years of experience, we understand the best methods.

Perfect Strength & Flexiblity​

Metal Spinning, Punching, Stretching, Bending. We can do it all to fit your needs.​

Broad Range of Customers

Serving everything from Aerospace & Themeparks to Antique Reproduction & Modern Furniture

Cost Effective Tooling

Reasonable Rates for both Large and Small Companies

We Pride Ourselves On

Transforming your Most Basic Sketch into a Precise Part for your product

We pride ourselves on our ability to take even our costumer’s most basic sketches and design a metal part that precisely fits their whole

With the skills learned from their father’s light fixture shop and their innate spatial creativity, Max and Paul McHenry established Designing Specialties in 1977.

Offering sheet metal parts to a broad range of costumers, we’ve served everything from theme parks and aerospace to antique reproduction and modern furniture.

Our cost effective tooling allows us to offer reasonable rates to both large and small companies.

Because of our experience, we understand the best methods for stretching, punching and bending each part to the right thickness, maximizing the perfect strength and flexibility needed for your product.